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Abundant Soul Radiance: Unveiling Light and Prosperity
with Reiki-RTT


Are you a woman entrepreneur who's been conquering the business world with fierce determination? If you've been burning the candle at both ends, feeling the weight of stress and craving a more balanced, authentic life, then listen up – this is your moment to shine!

🌈 Who's Ready to Ignite Their Soulful Prosperity? You Are! 🌈

This isn't just another program – it's a transformational journey tailor-made for the go-getting women entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for ordinary. You're the visionary who's been building your empire, but you know there's more to life than hustling day in and day out.

🌟 Is This You?

You're a woman with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, chasing your dreams with unrelenting passion.
Your days are filled with hustle, but burnout is knocking at your door, and you're ready for a change.
You believe in the power of authenticity and are eager to deepen your connection with your true self.
You're not just looking for success – you're ready to embrace abundance in every sense of the word.
You're curious about Reiki and RTT and how they can elevate your mindset, emotions, and life as a whole.

🌟 Welcome to Your Radiant Abundance Awakening!

If you're nodding your head, then congratulations – this program has been designed with you in mind. Get ready to embark on a 6-week adventure that will illuminate your soul, release stress, empower your mindset, and infuse your life with the radiant abundance you deserve.


Program outline

Session 1: Illuminate Your Inner Path
RTT Intake Session (45 minutes)
Embark on a self-discovery journey to uncover your authentic self and the roadblocks that have been hiding your brilliance.

Session 2: Energize Your Essence
Reiki Energetic Alignment (45 minutes)
Recharge your energy centers and create a harmonious foundation to amplify your transformational experience.

Session 3: Mindshift Mastery
RTT Quantum Transformation (90 minutes)
Delve deep into your subconscious to shift your mindset and rewrite the script of your abundant future.

Session 4: Hypnotic Radiance
Reiki-Infused Hypnosis Recording (15 - 20 minutes, post-RTT)
Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating journey that fosters empowerment and supports your newfound mindset.

Session 5: Embrace Your Emotional Freedom
Reiki Emotional Liberation Trilogy (3 consecutive sessions x 30 - 45 minutes)
Release emotional baggage in a trio of transformative Reiki sessions, allowing your inner radiance to shine through.

Session 6: Fusion of Insights
RTT Integration Harmony (20 minutes)
Integrate your profound insights from the program, harmonizing your journey into a coherent and empowering narrative.

Session 7: Seeding Abundance in Your Core
Reiki Future Abundance Infusion Trilogy (3 consecutive sessions x 30 - 45 minutes)
Infuse your energy with the vibrations of abundance, nurturing your aspirations and planting the seeds of your radiant future.

This program invites you to an extraordinary journey of self-rediscovery, energy alignment, mindset revolution, and abundant growth, all under the guidance of Reiki and RTT.

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